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Naxos and the good cedar liquor of the Vallindras family

Naxos and the good cedar liquor of the Vallindras family

Naxos is the largest Greek island in the Cyclades, famous for its kilometer-long sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, excellent product quality and cedar. Known since ancient times, cedar was introduced to the Mediterranean area by Alexander the Great and still thrives. At Naxos, in the traditional village of Halki, Halkeio or Chalki, in the central region of Tragea, once the capital of the island, is the historic site of the most famous Cyclades distillery, one of the oldest in Greece, that of the family Vallindras producing the "Kitron", the typical Naxos liqueur, distilled from the cedar leaves.
Here I meet Mrs. Katarina Vallindras, the last generation of the family, together with her mother. "In 1896, commander-in-chief Markos Vallindras founded Kitron's first distillery here, at Halki," explains Katarina, who is still active. " In the meantime, he introduces me to the local original, where the old olive-wood planted with olive-fueled heating is used. "The leaves are harvested in October, taking care not to take too much, to avoid damaging the tree. They are then cutlery and wet with water and then placed in a boiler with pure alcohol and water and distilled up to three Finally, flavored with sugar ".
The different chromatic production triptych actually marks only a different alcoholic and sugar dosage: green, less alcoholic and sweeter; Yellow, more alcoholic and sour; Transparent, a middle ground between the two. Today, cedar cultivation is limited to the villages of Engares, Halki, Melandes and Apollonas areas and the "Kitron" continues to be demanded and exported all over the world for the particular aromatic nature that makes it unique.

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